Alarm and Camera Systems for Home and Business

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More Than Just Security

At Hower Security Services, our customer relationships don’t end after we’ve finished installing your security systems. We form permanent relationships built on a foundation of superior customer service.

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In-House Customer Support

We have a dedicated team of customer support specialists who are always available to help with a variety of inquiries:

Residential Services

Sleep better at night knowing you and your family are safe from burglaries

Commercial Services

Record customers stealing merchandise so you can identify and bring them to justice

Industrial Services

Protect your employees from the inherent dangers of the manufacturing process

Our Products/Services at a Glance

Alarm Systems

Deter burglars with a customizable alarm system that detects broken windows, open doors, and general motion

Security Cameras

Live video monitoring of your property with automated alerts so you can respond to and stop potential threats as soon as possible

Smart Door Locks

Control your door locks remotely and get notified if a stranger is attempting to unlock your door

Smart Fire, Flood, Gas, and Temperature Sensors

Eliminate the risk of property damage in addition to keeping you and your fellow inhabitants safe

Alerts Monitoring

Our company can monitor your security system for you so all alerts are responded to instantly while you’re busy living life

Home/Business Automation

Make your life as easy as possible by installing smart thermostats, outlets, light switches, lights, and speakers

Why Choose Us

Highest Quality Products

We don’t contract with manufacturing companies so we always have the best products on the market available to our customers.

Weekend/Evening Installations

If you’re always busy during the workweek, we can still easily accommodate your installation.

Low Cost

If you miraculously find a lower price in the area, we’ll beat it!

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